My lack of blog entries for the past weeks only means one thing: I am undergoing some major changes in my life.

First, Maxime left for Canada last December 11 and I spent the last week with him and his father vacationing in Bicol.  Thus, my butanding blog entry.

Next, I am changing changed jobs.  From my work-from-home stint, I decided to move back to an office job.  But this time, I’m on a shifting schedule. So from Thursday to Sunday, I work in the morning or at night.

And since I’m changing jobs, I need to give my new company copies of 2 of my government issued id.  But I have only one—my passport.  So I had to apply for a postal ID.  Here’s how:

1.  Download and print 2 copies of the postal id form. Fill out necessary information.

2.  Go to your barangay hall to get a community tax thingie or cedula.  You will have to pay a certain amount based on your annual income.  I couldn’t be too sure of my annual income so I randomly wrote P200,000. They asked me to pay P200++.

3.  Fill out a form to get a barangay clearance. Indicate that the purpose is for postal id.  You will have to pay an amount here, although I’m not sure if it’s P5 or P15 or P20.

4.  They barangay captain will sign your postal id application form after number 2 and 3 have been done.  But in my case, the barangay captain wasn’t there so they said I should just go directly to Marikina Post Office and show my barangay clearance in case they look for the captain’s signature.

5.  Go to your post office.  If you live in Marikina, it’s at the 2nd floor of the post office building.

6.  Submit two 2×2 pictures along with your papers.  They will give you a card where you have to put your thumbmark.  Then you’ll have to pay a total of P290 for the id card, notary, etc.

7.  They’ll tell you if you have to wait for the release of your postal id the same day or come back tomorrow.  They made me come back the next day.

So now I have 2 government issued id’s! Yay!

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  1. Leigh says:

    Hi. In Manila Post Office, postal ID application charge is 300 Php. It only takes 30 minutes or so, if and when the requirements have been prepared and brought upon dropping by the concerned post office.

    Kaso, 1 to 5 PM lang sila nag-aaccept ng applications for postal ID.

    For more details here’s a link:

    Hope it helps! :)

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