Weekends are workdays for me so I don’t share most people’s happiness for Saturdays and Sundays.  But this weekend was more eventful than usual because three things happened.  I got a flu shot, UP won the cheer dancing competition and The Sleepyheads launched their 3rd album.


Flu Shot

Our office had this flu vaccination project for its employees and their dependents.  Of course, I signed up for myself and my three other dependents (my parents and my brother) but they did not show up.  I was so mad because I had to pay for their flu shots even if they don’t show up to use it.  Luckily, there was this 2-year-old boy who was on the waiting list so I gave him one of my reserved flu vaccines.  His dad, who was a co-worker, paid me the equivalent amount that I’d have to pay.  At least, I only wasted two shots.   I also almost had a panic attack because I’m scared of needles.  Well, not really the needles but more the perceived pain. Naks arte!


I had a similar reaction.


Two years ago, when I had my first flu shot, I had slight fever after I got vaccinated.  Then about two weeks later, I contracted a strong flu that made me miss work for more than a week.  It was during the time of A(H1N1) scare.  When the swine flu hype died down, Dr. Tayag of RITM told my boss (then) that if you contracted flu during that time, it would have been swine flu.  So if you survived, then you have formed some immunity against it.  I guess this is why I sometimes mutate.


UP Bags Cheer Dance Championship

I’ve always been proud to have studied in the University of the Philippines Los Banos.  But if there’s one thing I feel like I’ve missed during college was the UAAP.  Though the UP Fighting Maroons sucked in basketball, the Pep Squad almost always bags the championship title.  This year, they did it again.  So I said over Twitter that had it been I studied in Diliman campus instead of Los Banos, I would have been part of the cheer dance team.  Then I added the hashtag #ulul for sarcasm.  Because you know, I can’t dance for my life.

Photo credits: www.interaksyon.com

Here’s a link to their performance – UP Pep Squad


The Sleepyheads 3rd Album Launch

A friend gave me a copy of their 2nd album back in May and I thought they sounded alright.  Next thing I knew, my friend, Lola Abrera was managing them.  She sent out a Facebook invite for the 3rd album launch of The Sleepyheads at Route 196 on Saturday night.  As you know, I have work on Saturday night, well technically, it’s Sunday because I start at 12 a.m.  But I still went and hung around for a about 2 hours.  I bumped into a few officemates because the band’s bassist was also an officemate. Haha!  What small world!  I haven’t listened to their newest album because saving the songs to my iPod takes time.   I’ll get to it tomorrow.

To listen to some samples of their music, like their Facebook page here then click the BandPage tab.  So if you’re convinced they sound good, you can catch them at Saguijo on Sept. 23 for the 2nd leg of their album tour. Susyal may tour!

The Sleepyheads at Saguijo

If you buy their album, you get a free comic book. :P

I broke the CD case already.


So that’s what happened.  Sorry, I will think of a funnier post next time. [insert sarcasm here] :D

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