I innocently refreshed my Twitter feed at about 8 a.m. Thursday when I saw one of my contacts saying RIP Steve Jobs.  I was shocked so I repeatedly clicked the refresh button to get new feeds.  True enough, Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder, has died.

Apple’s homepage today


A lot of people started Tweeting how sad they were that he passed away.  And they’re saying it as if they were close friends.  Tweets like, “I will miss him,” or “He was great,” were all over the place.  And if you really think about it, how can we miss someone we don’t really know?  How can we feel so sad over the death of someone we know only from the product presentations and speeches he gave?

Well, I thought about it and maybe the reason why we are just so affected is because Apple is Steve Jobs.  And everyone who has used an Apple product can attest to how personal their iGadget is.  I’m not a big Apple purchaser.  I have only used four Apple products to date – an iPod shuffle, iPod nano, a Power Book and an iPod touch.  They’re not a lot as compared to other people, but nonetheless, I feel sad.  It’s like someone whom you’ve shared a few good times with has died, and all the happy things you too have shared with him, has died too.

My iPod Touch and Jasmine’s iPod Touch

I guess Steve Jobs’ death did matter to us because the products his company made is such an integral part of our life now.  When we need to call someone, we whip out our iPhones.  When we want to carry around our favorite music, movies and books, we bring out our iPods and iPads.  Apple was successful in invoking a sentimental type of ownership over our gadgets.

We ask ourselves, how could this plain-looking man behind a tech giant do all that?  Maybe it was his ingenuity, strategy, charisma or even luck.  But it was enough to inspire millions of people around the world.  Now, these millions are saddened by his passing.

One journalist said over Twitter that she feels like she’s close to Steve Jobs.  Well, most of us do.  When my cousin died and his kid was so depressed, I made him play Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies on my iPod touch.  How personal can a piece of gadget get?

So Steve Jobs, in behalf of all Mac, iPod, IPad and iPhone owners, I bid you goodbye.  You were mighty cool.

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  1. Feh says:

    nice piece, che! a tap on my ipad today would remind me of how great the minds are of those behind this heck of a gadget :)

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